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Advice for Working from Home

The Covid-19 pandemic means that businesses everywhere are experiencing challenging times, but providing you put the necessary tools in place to work from home, your day-to-day activities can still run smoothly.

By following government guidelines, you are behaving responsibly by safeguarding your employees from the virus. Self-isolation does not mean that trading must stop; make use of our clever remote services, which are perfectly equipped to navigate the current climate.

Ensure your company is ready for a new way of working, thanks to our top tips…

Utilise the Cloud & Share Files Remotely

By moving your phone system to the cloud, you can help employees who are working from home enjoy smooth communication between colleagues and suppliers. From video conferencing to CRM integration, the cloud will help ensure it’s ‘business as usual’.

You could also move your desktop services to the cloud. If your company has a contact centre or an in-office help desk, consider a Cloud-based one, which allows your staff to work from home more easily.

Your staff will also still need to share files at home – and they’ll want to collaborate via the Cloud, too. By offering remote file sharing solutions, you’ll be ensuring they can get on with their jobs as easily as if they were in the office. Make sure your employees have access to all the tech they need, too; from laptops to mobile phones, they will require all the same kit they use in the office.

Take Advantage of High-Speed Internet

Are your employees benefiting from high-speed Internet at home? If not, perhaps this is something you need to put in place. After all, you’ll be ensuring minimal downtime for your business when you do.

Your employees will require plenty of through points if they’re to jump on video calls – and they may require high speed Internet for other essential office-based tasks. Make sure it’s in place now and your workforce won’t be disrupted.

Consider a Business Loan

Did you know the government is offering loans and grants to assist small businesses over this hump? Look into this and see if you’re entitled to it; it’s a small but vital lifeline for SMEs.

Why not chat to us about how we can ensure your business suffers no downtime during the covid-19 pandemic?

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