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Event WiFi
Keeping Your Guests, Staff & Systems Connected

Organising an event? When you choose Smart WiFi solutions, you’re guaranteeing the very best return on investment for your event.

With Smart WiFi, you’re maximising your profits and keeping event attendees and staff well connected. Ensuring the highest footfall and sales to all areas of your site, it’s vital if you want to ensure your festival is a hit with everybody. 

When you’re bringing thousands of fans together in one place, you’ll want to ensure they have access to a secure, fast and efficient network. Our bulletproof WiFi deployments help your brand and production clients keep their staff and guests consistently connected at high speed. 

Designed with your event in mind; it’ll also help your team do their jobs better – from security to bar staff.

Real-time Engagement

Ensuring your team has a secure network from which to effectively communicate and operate, they can livestream musicians’ or artists’ sets with ease. A livestream provides not only real-time engagement but an instantly accessible archive of the event, meaning you can get even more ‘bang for your buck’ with dedicated promotional activities later down the line.

Meanwhile, on-site card machines and ticket sale functionalities at your event will work seamlessly on a Smart WiFi system.

It’s proved a huge success for many of our clients, with TSG’s managing director, Kamie Ang, saying: “With SMART EVENTS we delivered a range of responsive branded portals, tiered access for artists, VIPs, festival attendees and staff, and in a very short time frame. We just couldn’t have done it with anything else.” 

With same-day quotations and rapid installation abilities, we move at the same fast pace as the events industry. Allowing you to meet client demands and hit your pitch and budget deadlines with ease, we’ll ensure your event reaps the profits it deserves.

If you’ve been promised WiFi at a venue or location, only later to discover that the service will not meet your requirements, you’ll definitely want to check out Smart WiFi. You can encounter subpar WiFi services anywhere, even in modern events venues and leading conference centres, but we deliver industry-leading WiFi connectivity to numerous events worldwide. 

A Secure Event for Everyone

By delivering high-speed Internet access to your attendees, you’re keeping everybody happy while ensuring you can also push relevant offers straight to the devices of your attendees. You can feed them promos from festival vendors and event sponsors, so everyone gets the best from their weekend – whether they’re in their tent, down the front watching the band, or in the loo! You can also monitor – and respond in real-time – gig attendees movements, ensuring they enjoy connectivity across the site as well as the offers and info they need. 

From a security point of view, it works well too, allowing you to see how many people are on your site at any one time. Essentially, festival organisers can enjoy the same great services as venue owners; just because you’re hosting an event from a field (that may well be in the middle of nowhere) doesn’t mean you have to accept second-rate LAN (Local Area Network), WAN, (Wide Area Network), and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) connectivity. 

The Right Message at the Right Time

Engaging festival attendees with the right message at the right time, our Smart Event Services Campaign module even enables captivating video to be delivered on connection to the network. 

Flexibility is key, too – and we can ensure your customers’ (and your own) requirements are catered for. You can manage your WiFi solutions from a single platform, too, while a Smart Event Services-powered device can be taken on the road to service WiFi at several events across several cities.  

Your attendees may have their own usage requirements – and we can tailor our Smart WiFi services to different areas of your site. Our tiered access functionality provides the ability to configure multiple SSIDs – each with its own splash page portal, login methods and user access limits, while you can allocate different portals and authentication methods for VIPs, attendees, staff, media and artists. 

Plus, each method can be configured with its own speed, time and data limits for complete network control. 

Thanks to a highly customisable interface that serves the various and sometimes competing needs of any event space, you can be sure all your requirements are covered. Smart WiFi can also be scaled up as your event grows.

Monitor Network Performance

Our reporting and analysis tool allows you to easily monitor and analyse network performance using Smart Event Services’ sophisticated reporting function. Meanwhile, standard WiFi reporting includes detailed data on event WiFi sessions, as well as analytics on location and campaign views. 

On top of that, custom reports can be easily generated for one site or multiple hotspots for any time period. It’s ideal for staff, who’d like to work from a dedicated ‘back office’ on-site to keep track of engagement. 

Keen to hear more? Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you just why Smart WiFi will bring your event to life.

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