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Smart Wifi as a Service

One-stop orchestration, user engagement, reporting and control for your guest WiFi network.
Built by WiFi integrators with ten years’ experience in building sophisticated WiFi networks.

  • • Manage wireless networks from a web browser using the Smart WiFi Cloud Deck control panel.
    • Manage local Smart WiFi powered Gateways from the Cloud Deck for complete hotspot control.
    • Responsive Cloud Deck UI for on-the-go updates to your networks from tablet or smartphone devices.
    • Tag hotspots, devices, campaigns, portals and more for easy searching and grouping.
    • Manage sites with individualised settings – portal content, WiFi session controls and access to reporting.
    • Slice and dice access to Smart WiFi features and network segments.
    • Publish only the functionality required to individual site administrators and marketing users.
    • Multiple users with different permissions at any one hotspot, or group of hotspots.
    • Limit Access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to those with a need to know.

  • Quick and easy creation of branded web authentication portals. Deliver targeted advertising to users on connection to your network. The Smart WiFi API enables easy integration with your CRM, SMS, POS, loyalty, and EDM systems. Pull data from Encapto to trigger email and other communications and deliver offers via WiFi to high value clients when they’re on site. Social Media Integrated

  • Apply multiple authentication methods to any hotspot.  Tiered user Limits. Manage guest WiFi on multiple different WLAN networks. Reliable and scalable.

  • Smart Campaign is the bolt on WiFi advertising module for your network that engages users like nothing else. Deploy targeted and scheduled dynamic content to WiFi users to send the most effective message to the right visitors at the right time.

  • Know your visitors through comprehensive WiFi usage and visitation analytics.

  • • API integration with external systems for capture, reference and decision.
    • Point of Sale integration – redeem.
    • Create or link CRM records for EDM.
    • Unique codes printed onto store receipt for matching a purchase to a CRM record.
    • Loyalty integration for premium services.

  • GDPR, Explicit Consent, Keeping Records of User Consent, Withdrawal of Consent.

  • When privacy functionality is enabled on a hotspot, end-users will be presented with a link as part of the authentication process, via which they can access the end-user portal to view and control information about their sessions. Users may also choose to have this link emailed to them for later access.

  • The End User Privacy Portal operates on either a phone number or email address, which is used as a unique identifier to verify the end user.  End users are required to request a one time login code via that phone or email.  The login code is then entered in the portal and all information related to that phone or email for hotspots with the same privacy tag is accessible.

  • • Support for a large range of WLAN hardware vendors including Ruckus, Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Mikrotik and more.
    • Network vendor agnostic with Smart WiFi appliance.
    • Built-in support for vendor functionality such as presence analytics and location services.
    • Use existing WLAN controller and Wireless Access Points..

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