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WiFi Engagement

Smart Control

One-stop orchestration, user engagement, reporting, and control for your guest WiFi network.


Built by WiFi integrators with ten years’ experience in building sophisticated WiFi networks.

  • Custom User Journeys
  • Flexible Licensing
  • Tiered access with multiple onboarding options
  • Per user time, data, and speed limits
  • Integration with carrier grade OSS/BSS
  • Sophisticated user permissions for network, function and site delegation
  • Simplified interface for business users
  • Multi-tenanted, vendor agnostic
  • White-labelled
  • Network, function and site delegation
  • Single pane WLAN orchestration
  • Integration with EDM, CRM, SMS engines, membership databases

Flexible & Scalable

  • Modular approach means expanding your network or adding new functionality is quick, easy and cost-effective.
  • Integration friendly for service provider OSS/BSS, PMS, marketing, membership, and payment gateways.
  • Onsite or cloud hosted.
  • Manage guest WiFi on multiple different WLAN networks.
  • Pay-as-you-grow licensing facilitates entry into a fully featured WiFi management platform at a manageable price point


  • Built on carrier class standards AAA RADIUS.
  • Hosted on Amazon’s AWS cloud, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • Serves millions of WiFi sessions every month.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy creation of branded web authentication portals.

    • Mobile friendly interfaces.
    • Content Management for images and text.
    • Colour theming for buttons, headings links and banners.
    • No knowledge of html/css required.
    • Build and host your own portal for total content control.
    • Once created, portals can be applied to one or multiple hotspots.
  • Apply multiple authentication methods to any hotspot.

    • Click to go – accept user terms and conditions then click login
    • Social media login via Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and more – for visitor engagement and analytics*
    • Payment gateway integration – revenue via the provider of your choice
    • Credential based – unique pin codes, shared passphrase and username and password
    • Verified email authentication
    • SMS code verification using Twilio or Clickatell
    • External DB Auth – connectors to authenticate WiFi users against external systems e.g. 3M SIP2 for libraries, cashless transaction systems (RFID cards), hospital inpatient systems and hotel reservations systems.
    • Campaign login – require users to watch an advert and/or complete a survey as a condition of login
    • Flexible access control supporting any combination of time, download and rate limiting for individual connected users
    • Use multiple authentications methods per captive portal each with its own session limits

    Tiered User Limits

    Time, download and speed limits for each authentication method facilitate tiered WiFi access

    • Use social media logins including Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Instagram, and more.
    • Gain visitor insights through demographic and interest data.
    • Keep visitors engaged with brands and venues after they leave.
    • Help your biggest advocates (your customers) spread the word about your place.
  • Connect your CRM, SMS, POS, loyalty, and EDM systems for true omnichannel comms

    We do the popular integrations out of the box and for the others our API enables easy integration with your CRM, SMS, POS, loyalty, and EDM systems.

    Pull data from our system to trigger email and other communications and deliver offers via WiFi to high value clients when they’re on site

  • WLAN Network Management

    • Integrated with leading WLAN systems including Cisco-Meraki, Ruckus, Aruba, Cambium, and LANCOM.
    • Control native WLAN hotspot features including SSID from a single pane.
    • Orchestration module for zero touch provisioning in carrier environment.

    Modular Approach

    Our modular approach makes running your network simple.

    • Tag any item to find, group, and deploy hotspots, devices, campaigns, authentication methods, portals, and more.
    • Assign portals, authentication methods, campaigns, and terms to one or more hotspots with a few simple clicks.

    Advanced Permissions

    • Deploy simplified control panel views for business users.
    • Delegate control of networks, network segments, and any Encapto item or function.
    • Assign access to Personally Identifiable Information to those with a need to know.
    • Assign functional access to marketing, technical and support teams.
    • Impersonate sub-users for support purposes.

    White labelled

    • Set up multiple clients on a single account, each with unique functionality, branding and colour theming.
  • Know your visitors through comprehensive WiFi usage and visitation analytics featuring:

    • Advanced data visualisation
    • Live and historical data
    • Location information
    • Device type
    • Browser versions
    • Time online
    • Data downloaded/uploaded
    • New and return visitors and users
    • Visitation and other location information
    • Customisable end-user survey data
    • Quick dashboard view for at-a-glance activity across networks
    • Core reporting data include device type, browser type, time online, bandwidth, new vs. repeat users, total sessions, time of day usage and more
    • Add data from campaign Ad views, surveys and location analytics
    • Integrated with leading WLAN location engines for accurate analysis of unauthenticated visitors
    • Report on individual or aggregates of sites
    • Deploy customisable surveys at logon.
    • Associate any survey with any hotspot or authentication method.
    • Standard questions including age and gender for demographic analysis.
    • View data from the reporting module, export as a CSV for use in other applications
    • Integrate with EDM, CRM, SMS engines, membership databases etc
  • When you choose smart WiFi from Rock MS, you’ll be protecting your brand and reducing your risk of a hefty fine. After all, an effective management system not only ensures compliance with the law; it also manages your bandwidth and users, discourages illegal downloading and criminal activity, and meets GDPR regulations.

    The Digital Economy Act 2010 is designed to implement steps to reduce online copyright infringement by end users, such as illegal downloading of copyright material and illegal file sharing – and you could be fined up to £50,000 if customers or staff download copyrighted material.

    It won’t happen to you if you put the right steps in place, though. You’ll need to be able to identify who’s using your network, under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, too. Meanwhile, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – which came into effect on the 25 May 2018 – sets out guidelines for those providing free WiFi. You must only collect personal data when providing a service that your client has both requested.

Smart Campaign

Targeted content delivered to users of any WiFi network.


Smart Campaign is the bolt on WiFi advertising module for your network that engages users like nothing else. Deploy targeted and scheduled dynamic content to WiFi users to send the most effective message to the right visitors at the right time.

Add data capture and combine with social media, email and SMS logins for direct user engagement.

  • Full screen, un-skip-able content on connect
  • Scheduled and targeted by location
  • Integrate with existing marketing systems including CRM, SMS, and EDM
  • Capture user demographics and visitor feedback on any topic
  • Generate proof-of-play reporting for measurable ROI


Deliver relevant content direct to visitors’ mobile devices when they’re on site. Then engage via your marketing platforms after they’ve left.


Capture email, mobile, social media or other contact details to connect and build relationships with WiFi users. Integrate with marketing systems using out-of-the-box functionality or our sophisticated API.


Build visitor profiles to optimise and tailor the visitor experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully Custom User Journeys

    Use our onboard Portal builder for elegant, mobile friendly branded captive portals. Or you can develop and host your own portal using our API to call Encapto surveys, auth methods and other features.

    Our modular approach enables adding and ordering user journey elements – from full screen advertising through data capture and portals – for a fully custom WiFi experience.

    Full screen for full attention

    Deliver full screen WiFi advertising content to visitors on connection to your network. Set ads to appear for a period of time before the authentication portal is displayed.

    Smart Campaign delivers a captive audience with un-skip-able rich media on connection. A simple Free WiFi for attention deal that everyone understands.

    Omni-channel marketing

    Link Smart Campaign with your existing marketing channels for immersive and consistent omni-channel messaging.

    Our API enables easy exchange of data and event triggering between Encapto and your CRM, EDM, and POS systems

  • Reach your audience with scheduled and targeted campaigns. Encapto Campaign is where data capture, portals and web redirects come together for seamless user engagement.

    Campaigns can be deployed to a single hotspot or a group defined by location, audience metrics, or any parameter you specify.

    • Run one or more Campaigns at a single location
    • Display Campaigns across multiple sites based on user profiles
    • Select round robin or share of voice display
    • Set a default campaign per hotspot
    • Schedule campaigns relevant to the time of day and day of week

    Deliver special offers to those special visitors or engage via a fully-fledged competition. Encapto Campaign has the flexibility to maximise the impact of your message.

  • Add a Survey to your Campaign for deep visitor understanding and engagement.

    Fully customisable

    Pose the questions that need answering:

    What is the user’s demographic profile?
    How would they rate their experience at your venue?
    What are their contact details and are they happy for you to send them info?

    Data privacy compliant

    Assign terms of use to your survey so visitors know how their information will be used.

    • Set sensitive questions (or whole surveys) to optional.
    • Add contextual information to questions for a fully informed data subject.
    • Useadvanced permissions to assign access to data to those with a need to know.

    Survey Logics

    While a visitor’s experience might change from visit to visit, their name and mobile phone number probably won’t. Survey logics eliminate visitor harassment by enabling you to:

    Ask a question once of each user
    Ask an optional question until a user answers it
    Ask a question once every week, month, year (or any time period)

    Self Service Portal

    Our self-service portal allows any user who has provided a verifiable unique identifier (such as an email or phone number) to access data you hold about them, inline with GDPR rules.

  • Reporting and Proof-of-Play 

    Combine campaign view and data capture information with WiFi usage, presence and location data to enable actionable insights.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Produce summary dashboard style overviews or detailed customisable graphical reports showing:

    • Demographics
    • Contact information
    • User profiles
    • Visitation patterns
    • Advertising views
    • Live and historical data
    • Device type and browser versions
    • Time online and data usage
    • New users
    • Return users

    Analytics & Exporting

    Drill down into your data to see exactly who’s viewed a Campaign and export at any level.

    Automatically export campaign data to your own system using our sophisticated API, or just hit the CSV download button on any report view to analyse in the app of your choice.

Smart Locate

Discover. Understand. Act.


Where and When?

Smart Locate is a bolt on location services tool for Smart Control. It works with leading WiFi vendors’ location services to recognise visitors by their device’s unique MAC address and captures information about where and when they are in your WiFi coverage area.

Whether you want to measure the effectiveness of a display or better understand foot traffic through your premises, Encapto Locate provides the location analytics that you need for actionable insights.


Deploy Smart Locate with other Smart modules to find out even more about your most important visitors. Build customer profiles by launching Smart Locate together with Social Media or Data Capture WiFi login methods. You can even use Locate’s data to trigger actions when your valued visitors enter a particular zone.

Key Features

  • Analytics dashboard
  • Market segmentation
  • Real Insights in real time
  • Graphs and downloadable data

Features & Benefits

  • Smart Locate enables unparalleled insight into visitor behaviour. Understand how visitors move about in your WiFi zone, what interests them and how to increase user engagement and sales.

    Smart Locate provides WiFi analytics that can match location information with demographic data for your loyal clients and help realise new high value customers.

  • A dashboard overview presenting live and historic data takes the information you’ve collected and turns it into actionable knowledge.

    How many visitors did you have?
    Where did they go and how long did they stay there?
    Are they return visitors?
    Where did they stay longest?

    All this and more visible at-a-glance with the Smart Locate dash.

  • Sophisticated market segmentation functionality allows you to understand how your best customers behave so that you can tailor offers and promotions to them.

    Want to know how many of the visitors that viewed a particular display moved on to the counter? Select a time period and visitor parameters and let our analytics engine do the rest.

  • Want to know who’s there right now? Smart Locate can tell you how many people are in a zone of your choosing and where they are in real time. All straight from your dashboard.

  • The Smart Locate module comes with graphic analytics tools that paint a picture of your visitors. Heatmaps will tell you what path they took through your premises, where they stopped and whether they went to a particular destination. Create a graphic showing who spent time in front of a display or a map showing where they went afterwards.

  • Smart Locate can tell you which are your effective window and product displays so you can do more of what works. Analyse when counter queues are at their peak to optimise opening hours and staffing levels.

  • Smart Locate integrates with your Apps via a friendly API enabling you to deliver relevant messages to your loyal customers based on where they are. Smart Locate works with Smart Campaign to push relevant information and offers to enrich customer relationships and implement WiFi advertising to boost sales.

  • Your customers are there to find what you have to offer and Smart Locate can help them. The same map that tells you where they are can also be delivered to their smartphone for accurate indoor wayfinding.